Where are your fixtures made?

All of our fixtures are made in the USA. We take pride in working with local fabricators, suppliers, and manufacturers, many of whom are located in the New York area. Our pieces are assembled by hand and shipped from our studio in Mamaroneck, NY.

What the heck are they made of?

Our patented flexible LED lights are made with commercial grade 24V 2835 LEDs (95+ CRI), a flexible diffuser, and a woven nylon exterior. They produce an amazingly even light with no hot spots and allow for a world of possibilities for installations of all sizes.

Do you do custom work?

We absolutely do! Send us an email at and let us know what your project entails – please include details such as budget and timeframe (if you have that info) and attach any inspiration images or drawings you have so we can get off to a quick start.

Are your fixtures UL listed?

Yes! We can also bypass the listing process if your project does not require it – this can sometimes mean cost savings and shorter leadtimes depending on the fixture.

Are they dimmable?

Yes they are! Our fixtures include Magnitude dimmable drivers (phase dimmable or 0-10V dimmable) which allow them to be dimmed from standard compatible wall switches. Drivers need to be installed remotely.

Is there a maximum continuous length?

Our maximum length powered from one end only (with a single 96W driver) is 25’ – longer lengths are possible but please inquire for more information. Standardized pricing for lengths up to 8’, 16’, and 25’ is available on our product page.

I want to spec the Tracer Loop, but I don’t know what lengths I need.

Not to worry! We are here to help. Please contact us and provide whatever details you have about the project and what you’re looking to do. We’ll assist in calculating the lengths - the main information we need is the width and drop for each loop. If you don’t have those details, we can assist in developing a model to gather that information.

What is the wattage/lumens/color temperature?

Our LEDs are about 3.1 watts/foot and 200 lumens/foot (100 delivered lumens). Our standard color temperature is 2700K, but we can provide a range of other color temperatures (3000K, 3500K, 4200K, 5000K) if needed.

How do the fixtures mount to the ceiling?

There are several options depending on the fixture, but generally speaking, our fixtures include 5" round ceiling canopies that mount to junction boxes or 2.25” round flush mount endcaps that mount directly to the ceiling (no junction boxes needed). All of our fixtures include drivers that need to be wired and mounted remotely by your electrician. Please contact us at for more information on the mounting options.

What hardware finishes do you offer and do you have samples?

We offer a wide array of hardware finishes – photos are available on our website and samples are provided upon request on a project-specific basis. Contact us at if you’re interested in receiving finish samples! Please note that the raw brass end caps on this sample are for demonstration purposes only. Our standard hardware is machined from brass and hand finished in one of our standard finish options: satin brass, antique brass, blackened brass, matte white, satin copper, satin nickel, or polished nickel.

How do your fixtures install?

Our fixtures are designed to be easily installed by an electrician - we provide the canopy, crossbar, driver, and suspension rod or cables (when needed, depending on the fixture). We also provide instructions to assist with the install and we are always available to speak directly with the electrician or contractor to assist with any questions they might have.

Do you offer a trade discount?

Yes we do! Our standard trade discount is 15%. For higher volume orders or custom requests, please contact us at for more information about pricing and discounts.

How do I purchase replacement bulbs?

Our integral LEDs can last over 50,000 hours (equivalent to 10-20 years with normal use), and after that they will gradually become less bright over time. We offer a lifetime warranty, so in the unlikely event that the LEDs need to be replaced, we will handle the replacement process in our studio free of charge.

Where can I see your work?

We don’t currently have a showroom, but whenever possible, we would be happy to direct you to public locations in your area where you can see our work installed.

How many times have you been electrocuted?

More times than I can count. Seriously.