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The Newport

The Newport


So while most of my designs thus far have leaned towards the rustic and industrial side of things, I've decided to create a line of modern minimalist lighting – here is the first of my new designs.

This new design is also a response to my dear mother who asked me the other night "How many new lamps could you possibly design?" so I felt compelled to make a new one just to show her I could.

This lamp embraces the look and feel of an exposed hanging bulb while bearing the simplicity of a table lamp: simply place on any flat surface, plug in to any household outlet, and you're set. Encased in cylindrical glass (measuring 10.5" high) ringed with manila rope around the base this lamp is a sort of hybrid design – it will complement most any modern or rustic home decor.

The globe style bulb is included – I will happily include a different style bulb but in my opinion the globe style really complements the general design of this light.

This light looks pretty neat on or off, it will certainly make a nice centerpiece and I guarantee it will be a conversation piece as well.

Message me with any questions or for special requests or customs orders!

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