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The Melbourne

The Melbourne


One of my original designs, this mason jar rope lamp has found its way to customers all over the world – the internet truly amazes me. If you have any questions about voltage and international adapters feel free to get in touch and I'll walk you through it!

I really love mason jars. A true icon of Americana. They have such beautiful proportions and paired with the porcelain socket, 30 watt Edison bulb, and 3/4" manila rope, they make for versatile rustic lighting for anywhere in your home. It looks great on a desk or side table but add a hook anywhere in your ceiling and it'll hang like a pendant.

On a side note, I hate pickles. Bizarre sentence perhaps but it was the only negative connotation I could come up with for these gorgeous Ball jars. I have this vivid memory of a countryside tag sale where I was invited into the basement by the host to see the collection I was going to purchase. THEY WERE FILLED WITH PICKLES. Needless to say I ran in fear and only use clean mason jars now : )

Anyhow the cord is about 8 feet long, with 40" from the jar covered in manila rope. A rotary switch on the cord controls the light.

I am a male, so wedding planning is not quite integrated into my DNA – but I'd say these would would make beautiful rustic wedding decor. Don't tell my buddies I typed that sentence though.

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