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The Westhaven

The Westhaven

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So I spent about four hours last night cleaning my entire apartment and workshop and I feel like I can actually breath again (and walk two feet without stubbing my toe on some box of lightbulbs). I am back at doing what I love most now: designing and photographing.

Here is my line of classic industrial table lamps: with a hardwood base and bent steel shaft these pieces will fit with almost any decor and add a nice glowing focal point to any room in your house.

The wood base is 1 1/2 inches high with a diameter of about 7 inches; the bent steel shaft, socket, and bulb brings the entire lamp to about 22 inches (almost 2 feet) tall. The switch is partway down the cord and the cord is about 7 feet long. As always the bulb is included.

The globe bulb in the photos is an awesome specialty bulb: it's the size of a grapefruit except it provides a lot more light than a grapefruit does. Seriously this thing is over 5 inches in diameter and will have all your friends asking you questions like "Where do you buy such a big and awesome bulb?" to which you'll reply "Luke Lamp Co! Luke Lamp Co!" until they have no choice but to check out my site.

Check out my main shop because I have several versions of this lamp that each have a personality of their own.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. My handy iPhone is in either my hand or my pocket for about 95% of my waking hours (although I hide it when the girlfriend is around : ) ) so I will respond as quickly as I can.

Being the proprietor of this shop I get first dibs on my own pieces and so I happen to be typing next to this very lamp right now. It's pretty cool looking, I must say. As with everything I design I will stand by it 100%: you you are not completely satisfied I will issue a complete refund and figure out return shipping for you. Customer service is my focus and I strive to keep everybody totally happy.

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