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Late nights in the garage leave me dependent on two things: hose water coffee (that's a literal term; since I have no sink down here I fill my Keurig with hose water) and good music. So when my bluetooth speakers' batteries died a few weeks ago I knew I needed to design an iPhone amplifier dock that would never let me down. No batteries, no hassle. Just a minimalist hardwood dock that seriously loudens (that's not a word) the iPhone's built-in speaker and looks darn good doing it.

With a circular rubber insert that allows any iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, or 5c to rest firmly at a convenient angle and enough space below to run the charging cable out back, this is the last iPhone dock you'll ever want to use. The quality of sound it puts out is seriously awesome. I'm working on a design that will accommodate cases but for now this only works with naked iPhones – which, if you ask me, is how they were born and how they should remain : )

I cut the walnut bases by hand (they measure 4" by 6" by about 1.5" thick) and hand-rub a linseed oil finish to bring out the gorgeous color and intricate grain. No two will be exactly the same. The rubber piece makes it easy to insert and remove the phone while still holding it firm enough to operate, change songs, make phone calls, chat with Siri, etc.

I'll be working hard to get these out as fast as possible so it's the perfect last minute gift for that iPhone aficionado in your life.

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