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The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table


As our little shop has grown into a collaborative workspace and our in-house capabilities continue to diversify, we're finally branching out into the world of things that aren't lamps.

Our first piece is an incredible reclaimed oak coffee table – with hand fabricated steel by my welder (shout out to Danny) and rustic pallet wood, this is the first of our new line of handmade furniture designed to compliment our lighting aesthetic.

Made with one inch square steel tubing and hand cut reclaimed oak pallet wood, we can easily customize this to any size or finish you desire – just shoot me a message through Etsy and we'll set up a custom listing for you. Also, we now have three in-house woodworkers so we can swap out the reclaimed wood for whatever you prefer; black walnut, curly maple, solid gold...the possibilities are endless (and will affect the final price in varying degrees of pricyness : ) ).

As photographed this baby measures 40 inches long by 20 inches wide by 16 inches tall.

And if you're wondering what's in that glass (Mom, I'm talking to you) it's actually Pepsi. Although in that sweet dollar-store barware it looks quite similar to expensive bourbon, am I right? And yes, I actually have read that vintage H. L. Mencken book. Most of it.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or custom requests, my cell number is 914-447-6147 and my email is .

We will be happy to hand deliver this within the NYC metropolitan area, or refund any excess shipping costs if you live nearby. We can also flat-pack this (it would then need some assembly) to further save on shipping if you prefer!

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