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The Planter

The Planter


Shabby Chic Decor Ball Mason Jar Wall Decor Hanging Glass Vase Cottage Style - Rustic Rope Design

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I know, I know – my shop is named Luke Lamp Co. and so I should probably sell only lamps, but due in part to my undiagnosed ADD and in part to my deeply embedded feminine interior design side that I try my darndest to hide from my male friends I have decided to branch out and design things for your home that do not involve electricity or fire : )

Here is a simple and rustic mason jar vase that will hang from nearly anything in your home: walls, cabinets, shelves, children who stand very still, windowsills, armoires – anywhere needing a little cottage style touch. They look great filled with water and real flowers or - if you lack a green thumb like I - filled with dried flowers or fake flowers or even pencils (if you're into that sort of thing) or small screwdrivers (if you're into that sort of thing).

These look really nice staggered in multiples and if you'd like to order more than one just convo me and I'll happily make up a custom listing for you!

The plant is not included mainly because this is one of only two plants I own that are actually still alive and so I hold dearly to it : )

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