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The Tracer Pendant

The Tracer Pendant


Made by hand with a 52 step process, 21 individual components, and requiring 17 separate tools to build – the Center Pendant is the light that will change pendant lighting forever.

My apologies for the dramatic leading sentence – I've been watching the new season of 24 so I'm feeling a bit more intense than normal. I'm not saying that I'm the Jack Bauer of lamp-making, but if you were to say that on my behalf then I certainly wouldn't disagree with you. Anyhow.

For the past several months I've been having an affair. You see, my devout faithfulness to the classic Edison filament bulb has held strong since founding Luke Lamp Co. in 2011. But then I discovered something. Maybe, just maybe, the whole LED lighting trend was something I should pay attention too. It was clear that if I really wanted my business to be purchased by Google for 100 billion dollars some day I needed to start innovating. And so, after countless hours of prototyping and approximately two thousand self-induced burn injuries from soldering irons, heat guns, and electric rope cutters, the Center Pendant was born.

It's the LED light you'll actually want to have in your home. Or office. Or multinational retail chain. Behold, the pertinent information:

  • 12 feet of 18,000 pound rated white double braided nylon rope (the kind they pull boats with)
  • a proprietary 2 foot interior 5050SMD LED module with a 30,000 hour lifespan and 575 lumens of warm white light
  • a 15 watt power adapter with a 5 foot cord, rated for both US and International voltages (100-240v)
  • a polished brass-plated rope cap (you know, so it looks super fancy)
  • a magnetic end piece rated for over 40 pounds of pull force (to easily hang from any metal surface, no ugly hooks required)
  • only 7 watts of power (but provides the equivalent light of a standard 60 watt bulb, thanks to the magical LED fairies)

All of this hidden within one continuous length of rope. Each and every one of these lights requires an extensive and patience-testing process to build – and it's all done by hand, right here in my shop in Mamaroneck, NY. Feel free to text me anytime at 914-447-6147 or Snapchat me at lukelampco and I'll give you a sneak peak into the process.

These lights look incredible when hung in multiples – they can either be plugged in individually or we can fabricate a custom enclosure for larger groupings, just contact me at with any requests.

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