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The Portsmouth Cove

The Portsmouth Cove


The third of my line of rustic industrial rope hanging lights.

I have painstakingly run standard rated lamp cord through a length of 3/4" manila rope to make a hanging light that will really add character to any space it happens to be hung in.

A standard lamp socket with built in switch hangs from the rope: as pictured with a globe style bulb makes a really cool profile even when it isn't turned on. I make every hanging light to order and will happily personalize it to your specifications!

I can easily make the cord ready to be hardwired into a ceiling canopy or, even easier, I can include a standard plug in cord. This way you can hang from any standard ceiling hook and simply run the wire to the nearest socket.

The total cord length is approximately 6' but I can do custom lengths, just let me know! The rope covered portion is approximately 40" (just over 3 feet) which I think is plenty without being too much and thus getting in the way, but again I can do any length you need. Message me with any requests.

The bulb in the picture is included! If however you want a different style (tube, globe, CFL, standard) just let me know after purchase and I will work with you.

Thanks for stopping by, click to my shop for the rest of my hanging light and lamp designs!

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