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The Perrysburg

The Perrysburg


It's been a long time coming but I'm finally branching out into new styles of my rope light – 3/4" double braided white nautical rope now takes the place of my standard manila rope.

This rope can pull 18,000 pounds (that's knot a typo : ) ) so I guess you could call it the strongest lamp ever made. With 6 feet of rope and a total cord length of 15 feet this lamp can be hung just about anywhere and with the minimal white palette it will complement a variety of interiors – from nautical to farmhouse to modern, this is the light for you. It can easily tie or drape in a variety of knots and configurations and looks amazing in multiples.

With the warm Edison filament bulb or one of my globe bulbs this will shine just the right amount of light just where you need it. All you need is a hook or something to drape it over and you're all set.

I can also do custom lengths and sockets – just message me with any requests.

Are you from outside the US? If so I have globe bulbs that will work on up to 220 volts, otherwise you'd need a transformer to make the Edison bulbs work best (or you can buy the bulbs in your home country!).

We've made this pendant to be really versatile and easy to install – simply plug it in and hang it from almost anything. The rope can be knotted too so the possibilities are endless. The switch is installed on the cord (close to the plug) so that even if the light is hung high the on/off control is close to the floor.

Questions? Custom requests? Contact me through email or on my cell anytime at 914-447-6147.

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