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With the new shop finally in order and my buddy Danny ( welding here beside me, we figured it was only right to do a few collaboration pieces. After several beers and broken things and burn marks (welding in a t-shirt is not OSHA approved, I reckon) here's our first piece – the Cage Pendant. I was too excited to get this posted so while this is potentially the least creative name for a lamp in the history of forever it will have to do for now.

Anyhow let's get to the specifics. The cage itself hand shaped and hand welded expanded steel, measuring 10 inches tall with a diameter of 4 inches. The entire cord measures 15 feet long with the first 6 feet from the cage covered in 3/4 inch manila rope. The porcelain socket holds a 30 watt Edison bulb (my favorite) is included, which gives off the warmest light I've ever seen from a lightbulb. A standard bulb can be used instead if you need something brighter so just ask and I'll swap it out!

We've made this pendant to be really versatile and easy to install – simply plug it in and hang it from almost anything. The rope can be knotted too so the possibilities are endless. The switch is installed on the cord (close to the plug) so that even if the light is hung high the on/off control is close to the floor.

Questions? Custom requests? Contact me through Etsy or on my cell anytime at 914-447-6147.

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