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The Tracer

The Tracer


A complete reimagining of what a table lamp can be.

After several years of fastening incandescent lightbulbs into all sorts of crazy contraptions I finally (at the repeated advice of my dear father) began playing with the capabilities of LEDs. As it turns out, he was right.

Now I don't claim to be an engineer but I can state with rough mathematical certainty that LEDs are infinitely easier to fit into stuff than those damn filament bulbs are. While it did take a few months of burnt fingers and melted clothing to figure out how to operate a soldering iron with the precision of a chipmunk surgeon, the fruits of my labor have been – as they say in the world of Olympic weightlifting – "pretty much worth it".

With this piece I carefully set out to design a lamp that would instantly go viral and result in repeated personal phone calls from the owner of the MOMA store asking for exclusivity and emails from the CEO of Restoration Hardware saying "when can you start we'll pay you whatever you want for your entire business" and stuff like that. A man can dream.

I chose beautiful seamless brass tubing for the mere fact that it looks like something out of a steampunk Downton Abbey set; I use solid walnut for the base because I need to get over my fear of using massive forstner bits with my drill press (I sent myself to the emergency room several months ago in similar fashion and I am still mentally recovering); I made a complicated proprietary "I should probably patent it" LED module for the lighting because hey, you gotta do something crazy if you wanna succeed on the World Wide Web these days.

Plus it's even got a super cool recessed push-button switch which my buddy Ethan said was the "best part of the whole lamp". While I disagree on principle (that principle being that the lamp itself takes infinitely more time to make than simply installing the switch does), he's a successful furniture maker so it's very possible that he's correct.

Now I'll cease my rambling and give the cold hard facts:

  • 12 volt LED module powered with a transformer that will work on all voltages across the globe (120-240V)
  • solid walnut base measures 6" by 6" by 1.5"
  • entire lamp stands 25" tall, 6" wide, and 6" deep
  • awesomeness is too great to be measured in only three dimensions

Feel free to get in touch with any requests for customization, we build these to order and can use any wood for the base and all sorts of cool metals for the tubing (as well as custom powdercoated finishes).


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