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The Claremont


So this mason jar light actually came about as a recommendation from my dear mother. So mom, you may think I never listen to you but now you see I sometimes do : )

Anyhow she said that she wasn't too fond of my mason jar rope light, she said I needed something a bit more delicate. And so here is my new minimalist mason jar desk lamp or night light or romantic dinner light: a classic and simple design that emphasizes the natural shape and feel of the iconic Ball Jar mason jar with a nice warm 25 watt mini frosted globe bulb inside (included!) nestled in a simple porcelain lamp socket. A vintage style gold cord with a white inline switch adorns the lamp and is held in place by a length of one of my favorite materials: manila cord.

Again I do feel obliged to add that these would probably make great wedding decor (again my manliness just took a hit there) or even great dating decor (is there such a category?) or especially great dinner party decor (all you ladies know what I mean) and they look pretty darn cool in multiples (of course as the shop owner me saying "they look great in multiples" could seem like a silly sales tactic but I assure you that my motives are pure and they really do look great in multiples).

Well as usual my description is getting quite unruly – please shoot me a message if you have any questions or comments or for special orders, thanks!

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