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The Sheldrake

The Sheldrake


Named after the Sheldrake River, a river that runs through my town and was the source of my early fascination with all things industrial. Whether riding my bike down it (yes, actually down the river), wading waist deep into it to search for old coins, or tubing through the small rapids in January on a dare, I was constantly fascinated by all the various relics that could be found in its murky waters.

This piece came from my desire to go back to the basics, a simple bent steel circle and hand-cut walnut base, brought together by the minimalist frosted globe bulb and porcelain socket. If this was in a classy art gallery it might say something like "Completeness" or "All Portrayed in Light" but I'm not really into the fancy food they serve at art galleries and so I've named it after a river.

The varied greys of the raw steel paired with the hand-rubbed linseed oil finish on the walnut are really complemented by the warm white bulb, and it makes a nice statement piece for any room in your home. Except maybe your bathroom. Although I suppose it would depend on your bathroom : )

The entire lamp stands about 17 inches (over 1.5 feet) tall, is about 16 inches wide, and is only about 4 inches from back to front. The cord is about 8 feet long and has an inline on/off switch.

Questions? Reach out to me on Instagram, shoot me an email, or (seriously) call/text me directly on my cell at (914) 447-6147.

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