Do you do custom work?

We sure do! Send us an email at and let us know what your project entails – be sure to include details like budget and timeframe (if you have that info) and attach any inspiration images or drawings you have so we can get off to a quick start. And feel free to check out our site for photos of our latest work!

Are your lights UL listed?

Yes! We can also bypass the listing process if your project does not require it – this can sometimes mean cost savings and shorter leadtimes.

Are your LED rope lights dimmable?

Yes they are! Our fixtures include Magnitude dimmable drivers (0-10V dimmable or phase dimmable) which allow them to be dimmed from standard compatible wall switches. Drivers are generally installed remotely because they are too big to fit in the ceiling canopies. You can visit this link for specific technical data on our standard drivers. 

What is the maximum length for your LED rope lights?

Our maximum length powered from one end only (with a single 96W driver) is 25’ – longer lengths are possible but please inquire for more information. Standardized pricing for lengths up to 8’, 16’, and 25’ is available on this page:

What the heck are they made of?

Our patented flexible LED lights are made with commercial grade 24V 2835 LEDs (95+ CRI), a flexible diffuser, and a woven nylon exterior. They produce an amazingly even light with no hot spots and allow for a world of possibilities for installations of all sizes.

How do your lights attach to the ceiling?

There are many options, but we usually use either standard 5" diameter ceiling canopies or flush mount endcaps with a 2.25” diameter reveal. For the Tracer Loops, we either use field-adjustable pendant cords or the light can terminate directly into the canopy (or ceiling) depending on what the project requires. Our lights require drivers that need to be mounted in the ceiling by your electrician; for custom projects the drivers can be mounted within the canopies, but most normal installations look better if the driver is hidden away. For many of our products, junction boxes are not required and the fixtures can install directly to sheetrock ceilings if desired. Please contact us at for more information on the mounting options.

What is the wattage/lumens/color temperature for your fixtures?

Our LEDs are about 3.1 watts/foot and 200 lumens/foot (100 lumens/ft delivered). We generally use a 2700K color temp but can do other temperatures if your project requires it.

What about custom hardware and finishes?

We offer a wide array of custom hardware and finishes – photos and samples are provided upon request on a project-specific basis. Standard finishes include satin brass, antique brass, blackened brass, matte white, satin copper, satin nickel, or polished nickel. We also work with a variety of hand-finished patinas so feel free to reach out with any specific requests!

Do you offer quantity discounts?


Do you have a sales rep or distributor?

We handle all sales directly – this means there won't be any unforeseen markups and all customization requests are handled by us every step of the way. 

How many times have you been electrocuted?

More times than I can count. Seriously.